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Avoiding pandemic fatigue

Unlike the many other countries in the world where people are becoming tired of the draconian lockdown measures in place, from compulsory facemask to curfews, this has not had a positive effect. It is becoming more apparent that this virus is nothing more than something on the near level with the flu and yet the governments globally are happy to keep tearing into their economies and destroying a business that people for many years tried to build.

Sweden, on the other hand, has found itself with the lowest death rate and a booming economy, why? Because unlike the rest of the clowns in government, Sweden adopted the herd immunity idea and did not impose lockdowns and yet even in the height of the pandemic it did not report nearly as much as most countries affected and people continued enjoying their lives. This is truly setting things up for a large revolt one people start to understand over over-exaggerated the entire lockdown measures were but by then it’s too late…. 

In the markets:

We have reached a point by which we expect to see a weaker dollar overall and should start seeing foreign currencies trade accordingly. With not much in the calendar for economic news on a high impact scale, we can expect a week where the banks get in and do all their inner workings that can sometimes send price into large ranges without there even being a market event to justify it. As always keep your account safe with good risk management!

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