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Another day another opportunity in the markets.

Let’s start with EURUSD!

Long term: Sell

Intraday: Buy

Intraday, we are looking for 1.1150 if the price goes there then it could be an opportunity for a long-term sell. On the downside we are looking for 1.0650, if we go below 1.0920 today then the price will likely continue to 1.0650 over the week, if not and we trade to 1.1150 then we will look to sell from 1.1150 to 1.0650


Long term: Sell

Intraday: consolidating to buy

We just missed the 1.2500 price level, although today we could see a small move up to it, if we fail and trade below 1.2240 then we will likely continue lower to 1.1430 if we do go to 1.2500 then the most likely area to sell will be between 1.2520 and 1.2540 for the ultimate target of 1.1430


Elon Musk is looking to boost his shares, but you can only make something look good for a short amount of time, hence any bump up in the price will be followed by sharp declines our target is still 260 and this could be seen by this Friday with the UNEMPLOYMENT numbers hitting hard!

ETF: S&P500

Long term: Sell

Intraday: Buy

The ETF for the index is showing a small opportunity to buy and then sell if you don’t know which stocks to look for then this provides the best betю

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