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And they say markets are fair?

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank have recently made headlines where former DB traders have been convicted of fixing the price of gold and silver through methods like spoofing. For those who don’t quite know what this is, this is essentially where traders can place in large orders into the market in the form of pending orders that immediately create an imbalance in price and cause those big spikes in the markets (you know those unexpected ones that knock you out your trade and leave you scratching your head?).

This is no unique case and this has been happening for years and will continue to happen as there are more elegant ways to do it with new levels of technology that far exceed what the regulator can figure out.

In the markets:

We expect after the huge surge in GBPUSD yesterday to see a complete collapse of the run it made back to the open from Monday and targeting lower prices towards the lower 1.26 levels. While the dollar declined we still have not changed gears yet and expect to see higher prices in the dollar which should force foreign currencies lower as well as gold. So we will stick with the directional bias until a strong change in price occurs.

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