IQ Option 2020

IQ Option has become a major player in the options realm, founded in 2013 IQ Option has accelerated through all the ideas it sought to achieve to become one of the largest growing trading brands in the world. Not only does IQ Option offer options trading but has included in its portfolio a wide array of CFD trading, including, Stocks, ETF’s, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. With over 40 million users worldwide the platform has undergone continues development to cater to all the users and has acquired a ton of feedback which has aided in the continued development to bring out the best solutions for traders looking to start out, through to the more experienced traders, looking for all their tools in one unique and aesthetically pleasing platform.

With so many features and functionalities to mention about the platform, it is hard to describe the platform outside of the IQ Option statement: the ultimate trading platform.

So, lets dive into what exactly makes this platform the platform of choice amongst traders looking for both options trading or CFD trading, or indeed, a combination of both.

Firstly, when we arrive at the IQ Option home page .

We are immediately met with the table of products and assets tradeable under them, at the top we can select the CFD asset class Forex, and under this we can browse (on the left) the different currency pairs available as well as the minimum investment and the amount of leverage on offer for the asset class.

Continuing on the Home page we can see the tab for traders, this allows quick access to downloading the app and yes this includes not only a desktop app but indeed a phone app for both android and IOS.

As well scroll down we can get quick access to the various facilities to trade on the IQ Option platform, depending on whether your sat at home or on the go, IQ Option have tailored up a solution to suit your lifestyle so you have access to the markets wherever you are whenever you want.

If you felt you needed at taste of the action before diving in, then IQ Option has provided the free Practice account so you can immediately start adjusting to a whole new level of option and CFD trading.

And with 24/7 Support from a team of multilingual customer support agents that have quickly become familiar with all types of traders and questions, they are quick to answer and resolve all you’re questions and needs in a timely fashion.

With a minimum deposit of only $10, this has caused a huge level of demand for real accounts as the entry requirements allow for just about anyone to get their own live account setup, but of course, with a big demand globally this requires a big selection of payment solutions to a wide array of countries, that’s why IQ Option has set out to establish a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods that suit you and your country of origin for the most efficient service available.

So let’s dive into the platform as well as the features and functionality that it can provide to you to get the most out of the market opportunities and of course, so you can do the best with your money.

Aside from the different asset classes and options to trade from, IQ Option understands something that you the trader, whether you’re a novice trader, or experienced trader, will come to appreciate which is, information. Information is crucial and having quick access without hunting the web is a particular problem IQ Option has sought to overcome, by providing you with up to date economic events, that may for example, affect the currency pair you may be trading, such as the federal reserve looking to raise their interest rates which would provide you a real time opportunity to sell lets say the EUR/USD. But it doesn’t end there, IQ Option have also included a news tab so you can see the most up to date news events moving the markets so when the asset class your trading may not be providing much volatility, you can quickly exploit the next opportunity in the markets.

And of course for all the stock trading lovers out there, IQ Option is more than aware of your needs, that’s why they have also included a tab for the most recent and upcoming earnings to be released on the stocks you love and companies you may believe in or want to take advantage of the poor management you may have noticed that can cause the stock price of a company to fall.

So, you have all the information at your fingertips, but now you need to do all the technical analysis? No problem, IQ Option have over time added a huge library of technical indicators, and if you don’t know much about technical indicators or if this is the start for you, IQ Option have introduced a vast library of educational videos that allow you to get the best understanding not only of the platform and trading, but also the tools available for you to be able to take advantage of the market before the markets move.

Now of course when you trade you will want full control of your trading; IQ Option have added features like negative balance protection and of course your risk management control centre where you can select your stop loss and take profit. The stop loss feature allows you to select the level at which your comfortable to risk, so for example: if you are trading EUR/USD and its trading at 1.0770 and you want to buy this currency pair, you may only want to risk 20 pips on the trade, so your stop loss if you buy at 1.0770 would be 1.0750 and if price goes below that you are out of the trade. The take profit on the other hand is the level you select to allow you to take profit on the trade if you don’t happen to be at your app because your out living your life, so if you wanted to profit on 20 pips your take profit would be 1.0790 if you bought at 1.0770.

But lets say you want to keep it simple and when you decide to buy EUR/USD you either want to select the amount of money you win or lose then this is an option to or if you prefer to work with percentages then you can select the price percentage for you take profit and stop loss.

Now, what happens once you have started your account at IQ Option, at this time you may feel a bit lost or alone, did you think IQ Option didn’t consider that? You the client are the most important asset, so it’s a priority to ensure you never feel lost, that’s why IQ Option has added the feature of trading community.

On the IQ Option platform you will get access to a huge community of traders that you can engage with to find out more about their experience and how they trade, or to discuss trade ideas with those that may have more experience or help those with less, the community is there for whatever you need, all of this and their dedicated customer support team to guide you along the way. If you don’t have time to do all the analysis for your trades, then you can just follow other traders with the traders sentiment and community live deals.

Once you start getting the hang of things, you may start feeling competitive, or maybe you just want to try and compete for an opportunity to earn a real cash prize straight to your trading account without putting your money at risk? For that IQ Option have included in the platform the Tournaments tab, these tournaments are great for all traders new or experienced as they have provided the ability to trade live in the markets against a pool of traders and the best traders in the pool each get a piece of the total prize in the pool. So how does it work? Well some tournaments are free, and others are paid. Tournaments also have a predetermined time to do it in for instance some may last 2 days others may last a month, some may be free others could have an entry fee of $20 to enter, and while the free ones of course offer cash prizes, those with entry fee’s have the best prize pools, as much as $50,000 to be distributed amongst the best traders in that tournament.

You can enter the tournaments at any time and if you rank in the top traders of the tournament you can stand to earn a real cash prize straight to your account as a reward for competing against the community of traders. So the risk is only your entry fee, once this is paid you will get access to the tournament the day it opens and from there you are only trading demo money so your real money it not at risk and on a tournament like the one to the left if you come in on top you stand to earn a cash prize of $5000 for your participation.

So as you can see IQ Option offers far more than just a great platform and superb execution of orders, Iq Option offers an array of tradeable assets and a state of the art, clean and easy to use platform that will connect you with traders all over the world with continued opportunities and information delivered on a daily basis to ensure your constantly given all the options you need to trade and enjoy the full experience of the markets and the ability to share and exchange those experiences.

So how can you get started? Easy, setting up an IQ Option account is fast and straight forward

By accessing the IQ Option home page or downloading the app from the app store, you can in no time register your details and get the app downloaded to your phone and or desktop. From that point its up to you how much you wish to practice with the fully funded demo account that comes equipped with $10,000 demo dollars for you to start trading immediately, so that you can find your way and learn how the platform works and develop your skill as you go along. Alternatively, you can choose to start funding your account as soon as your registered with as little as $10 and get started trading your real account. Don’t worry, if you feel that after funding your account you will always have the option to practice in your demo by switching between your real account and your demo account and if you run out of the demo dollars in the practice account you can always top it up so you can perfect your strategy.

After trading your real account you may wish to withdraw some of your profits, for that IQ Option have all the necessary means to facilitate your withdrawals, since IQ Option will never charge any fee’s on deposits or withdrawals, and execute your requests on the same day, you will always be in full control of your money, and if you want to deposit to your real account but still trade your practice, no problem, your money will sit safely in your real account until your ready to put it to work for you.

In conclusion IQ Option have truly gone above and beyond to deliver all that is needed for the ultimate trading experience, and as an award wining broker having been in the market from only 2013 and yet so many functions and features have been developed from the ground up as well as so many payment methods established to suit their clients, its clear to see that IQ Option has a huge attention to detail when it comes to serving its clients and providing the best platform out of the industry.

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